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Cape Hatteras at night.

5 December, 2013


2013 Advent Photo Project



A friend, Julia Eussen, turned me on to this project. Thanks Julia.  Every morning the owners of the page will post a theme for the day and the group members must create a photograph of that theme. This will be a cool December project to work on even though I am starting six days late. 



 Starting tomorrow (6 December) I will shoot on the day of the theme and add a new blog post. So here are some older images that match the theme for the first five days.


1 December: "World Cities"

Ashville, North Carolina



2 December: "Pushing Buttons"

Maple Buttons



3 December: "Bedheads"

Morning Moo



4 December: "Baked"

Scortcher to be



5 December: "I see faces"