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What I am shooting at the moment.

Cape Hatteras at night.


22 December 2015


2015 Advent Photo Project


Day 22: Heavy Metal

Again, what is one supposed to do with a theme like this, translated to nature on a rainy day? Oh well. Shot a quick image of a VERY large dump truck used for construction near the marina. Sigh. Here's hoping tomotrrow will be better.


21 December 2015


2015 Advent Photo Project


Day 21: Light v Dark

An easy day as I was out shooting the sunrise before I knew what the the theme was. The shot below is a 3 image composite with quick rudimentary processing.


20 December 2015


2015 Advent Photo Project


Day 20: Silver

A frustrating day. Took lots of shots of silver sand, wood, water and skies with little to show for it. My ace in the hole was the half moon and the possibility of "silvery moonlight". Wasn't going to happen. Too many clouds. I chose the image below mostly because it is a great example of what happens when there are multiple light sources. In this case there was moonlight, yellow incandescent lights, green flourescent lights and multi-colored Christmas lights. Sigh.


18 December 2015


2015 Advent Photo Project


Day 18: Liquid

After a fruitless morning looking for raindrops outside I figured this would be a good opportunity to try some water droplet photography. A couple of hours of trial and error, and 500 images later, I came up with this. Kinda fun, every drop is different. If I did not live on a boat and had a studio at home I could really get into this.