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Cape Hatteras at night.

December 1, 2014

Today's theme: "Who are you?"

So it begins again. Selfies not allowed. I first thought of a leaf blowing in the wind as I often feel that way but without an assistant I could not throw leaves in the air and focus on them fast enough. I'm sure there were folks who thought I looked like an idiot as I tried. Alas.

So next was "a small boat on a big sea". I stopped by Walmart on my way home to buy a cheap plastic boat and then headed to Solomans Island at sunset. Sadly, short of driving a few hours, there was no location where i could capture the sunset and the expanse of the Chesapeake Bay -- big sea -- so I had to settle for the Patuxent river. Not ideal. So the resulting image is a handheld HDR. Because the boat was moving on the water I had to bump the ISO enough to get an acceptable shutter speed while still trying to maintain enough depth of field to keep the background in focus. The image below is a compromise -- soft after noise reduction, background slightly out of focus. Sigh.