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Cape Hatteras at night.

December 2, 2014

Today's Theme: Vertical

What a lousy day to try to create an image. Cold and raining all day long. Because of the rain I could not shoot outside, especially pointing upward! The rain finally broke after dark. My first attempt was shrouded in fog and mist and by the time the 6 minute exposure was over the lens was covered with water droplets. Very Annoying. On the other hand the first attempt was shot during twilight so there was still some light in the sky which gave it a whiter, more pleasant color. Later, after it was dark the lights of Solomans Island and the overcast sky created that horrible, yucky brownish mess that artificial lights combine to produce. 

My options were limited -- by changing the white balance I could only get a yucky brown, pink, or purple sky. The latter looking decidedly unrealistic. When in Rome ... had to settle for obviously unreal, but so goes night photography. The Image below is a 6 minute exposure, painted with diffused white light from both my flash and a flashlight. There was a streetlamp nearby that cast a green glow on the branches as well. You can see the bluish tint on the green leaves from cooling the white balance.


The first image below was the original from which the final image above was derived. The second image was taken during brighter skies and mist.