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Cape Hatteras at night.

8 December 2015


2015 Advent Photo Project


Day 8: Intertwined

The subject of this photo was obcious, man and nature. The question was how to capture that idea. Since I had very little time to capture images today I began looking for abandoned man-made things that had been taken over by natural forces. I shot a bunch of images of old buildings, vine covered boats, and broken docks. I had a shot of vines around the bow of a boat that was the shot, had it in the bag, and I waslosing light. Then I remembered there was another old building in the area and figured I would check it out on my way back home. Found this window with the tail end of the sunset reflected. The last shot of the day was the best. Sadly I slightly blew the focus with a bit of camera shake as I had to hold the camera over my head while standing on my toes in low light and didn't quite get it steady enough. Lesson learned, take lots of shots and different aperatures and ISOs -- I had room to breate with both and probably could have eliminated the camera shake blur altogether.