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Cape Hatteras at night.


18 December 2013


2013 Advent Photo Project


Day 18: Worst Christmas Gift Ever

Coming Soon



Notes: Okay, this one has me stumped. I thought about taking a selfie with a hair dryer (I'm bald) or a picture of various dog accessories (I don't have a dog) or a package of underwear (A gift from my mother every year for the past 47 years). Since my humor tends towards the disgusting and crass I also thought about wandering around with a bow and ribbons and decorating various things, such as the dead duck on the beach at work, or a rock, or a steaming pile of deer poop. Sigh. I will have to dwell more on this one ...

17 December 2013


2013 Advent Photo Project


Day 17: Textures

Ducks of a feather ...

2.5 sec, F22, ISO 100

Notes: A morning of shooting textures. Below are the runners up.



16 December 2013


2013 Advent Photo Project


Day 16: Trees

A Once Tree

1/200 sec, F22, ISO 200

Notes: Trees are everywhere, but the light is not. I took this in the morning around 8:30 am as the good light was failing. 

15 December 2013


2013 Advent Photo Project


Day 15: Kitchen Creations

A fiery cup of ... hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps.

30 sec, F2.8 ISO 200 w/fill and key light

Notes: Crap. The only thing created in my kitchen today was hot chocolate. Oh well.


14 December 2013


2013 Advent Photo Project


Day 14: Tiny Things


4 sec, F22, ISO 100

Notes: Being into macro shots one would think that a theme like tiny things would be worth some effort. Normally it would, but a cold rainy winter's day did not oblige so I did a set shot in the boat. The tiniest thing I dound that some one might recognize was a lamp from a mini-mag light so I stuck that in a bit of moss collected from the forest and, sigh, the rest is history. I tried a number of other different subjects but truely none were interesting. Thumbtacks as tiny toadstools? Didn't have any ... alas.