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Cape Hatteras at night.


17 December 2015


2015 Advent Photo Project


Day 17: FavoritePicture You Took This Year

I love really simple, almost graphical, images with isolated subjects. Sadly, few other folks seem to like these. The blue image below is (one of) my favorite images from this year, but not so popular. The red image of a sunrise over Solomons, MD was the most popular. So it goes ...


16 December 2015


2015 Advent Photo Project


Day 16: Patterns

Bummer I did not have the time or energy for this theme. There are millions of awesome patterns in nature. I settled on these yucca leaf fibers. The light was too contrasty and I did not have my defuser on me so I had some difficulty making the pattern of the fibers stand out over the other highlighted areas of the image. Sigh. That is a challenge I will work on.

15 December 2015


2015 Advent Photo Project


Day 15: Doorways

I like doorways, at least the literal kind. Sadly I knew of no particularly intersting doors in the area, especially on my way home from work. Thinking more abstractly I imagine as doors as portals to the world, entryways into creating a life. From there the idea that religion is for some a path into the world, for others an obstacle to entering the world. The image below is a composite of three images meant to be intentionally ambigious.


14 December 2015


2015 Advent Photo Project


Day 14: Space

The obvious astrophotographic response to this theme was eliminated by clouds and rain. Space is an idea that permeates many of my images. I tend to look for subjects that are simple and can be isolated. So a quick shot with a 10 stop ND filter left me with this image. Composition would have been better if the point of view had been just a tad higher.


13 December 2015


2015 Advent Photo Project


Day 13: Made From Scratch

Yet another theme that seemed impossible to interpret, or translate, to nature. Sigh. A scratchy abstract.