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What I am shooting at the moment.

Cape Hatteras at night.


7 December 2015


2015 Advent Photo Project


Day 7: Bedhead

Okay, i think this is the theme that made me give up on this project last year. I can't say I've ever found much of interest in messy hair. It is like those old tires, painted white and used as a flower pot is the front yard. Not very attractive, nor offensive -- it just is. So what does a wildlife/nature photographer do with a theme like this? Snark.


6 December 2015


2015 Advent Photo Project


Day 6: Escapism

A frustrating day with little time to create images. Shot this first thing this morning and it only got worse from there. Sigh.


5 December 2015


2015 Advent Photo Project


Day 5: Circular

This is a zoom and crop of the sun and docks reflected in a circular wave created by a rock hitting the water. The only atypical post- processing was noise reduction (I had to use a high ISO to get the shutter speed fast enough to freeze the water) and setting the black point much lower than is I would normally set it. I set up the shot hoping for a reflection of droplets, instead I got the cool reflection of the sun and docks. A pleasant surprise. I blew the focus though. I focused on the surface of the water and should have focused a little closer to the camera. Oh well.

(1/2000, F8, ISO 3200)


4 December 2015


2015 Advent Photo Project


Day 4: Arches

This was a tough one. I shot about 100 images of a wide variety of naturally arching objects -- mushrooms, rings on trees, grasses branches patterns in the sand. This was the most intersting subject of the lot, Northern Wood Oats.


3 December 2015


2015 Advent Photo Project


Day 3: Layers

This was the third cold, grey rainy day in a row. Thankfully the rain made the mushrooms come out and I was able to capture this image of the bottom of a large white flat-topped mushroom. It looked better in black and white.