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Cape Hatteras at night.


8 December 2013


2013 Advent Photo Project


Day 8: Draw Something

Raindrops drawing on snow.

1/60 sec, F8, ISO 1600


Notes: I don't draw so I was looking for nature to draw something for me. I was hoping it would be windy so I could suspend a pencil or wooden spoon so that it jsut touched the snow and the wind would do the work. Sigh, no wind, just patterns of rain on snow.

7 December 2013


2013 Advent Photo Project


Day 7: Becerages

Give, Live, Love ... leave behind.

1/200 sec, F6.3, ISO 160


Notes: The only beverages that caught my eye today were already consumed. Only the discarded containers remained as evidence of their existence.

6 December 2013


2013 Advent Photo Project


Day 6: Music

A Morning Drumbeat

1/250 sec, F6.3, ISO 1600


Notes: When I arrived ar work this morning this fellow was busy drumming away. I was interested in capturing an image of the "music" of nature and so spent the morning photographing the song birds in the forest and the waves crashing on the beach. I also tried to find a way to capture the soud of the wind as it whistled through the branches of the trees. In the end I was not happy with any of the results and so I chose the first music I heard, and one of the first images I captured. Music on a cold windy, rainy day ...

5 December, 2013


2013 Advent Photo Project



A friend, Julia Eussen, turned me on to this project. Thanks Julia.  Every morning the owners of the page will post a theme for the day and the group members must create a photograph of that theme. This will be a cool December project to work on even though I am starting six days late. 



 Starting tomorrow (6 December) I will shoot on the day of the theme and add a new blog post. So here are some older images that match the theme for the first five days.


1 December: "World Cities"

Ashville, North Carolina



2 December: "Pushing Buttons"

Maple Buttons



3 December: "Bedheads"

Morning Moo



4 December: "Baked"

Scortcher to be



5 December: "I see faces"



July 19, 2013

On Goals

Having some structure to your photography outings can only help. I have found that just wandering aimlessly with my camera, over time, leads to feeling trapped, or bored with what I am seeing. Wandering the same places, finding similar subjects, similar light gets old quick. So I set some goals, some aspect of photography that I think will address weaknesses in my work, inspire me to see with fresh eyes, learn a new technique -- whatever strikes me as useful, or fun.


So I try to mix it up.  I am going back to the fundementals of design this summer. Every week I have some aspect of designI will be working on. Here is the plan for the next month. I hope I can stick to it:

  • Week of July 22 - 28: Lines! Just lines. Vertical lines, horizontal lines, repetitive lines, single lines, simple and complicated lines. I will look for lines everywhere and make them a prominent part of the images I capture.
  • Week of July 29 - August 4: Textures! Fabric, wood, walls, plants, bugs. Texture is everywhere so this week I will focus on bringing out the texture of what I see.
  • Week of August 5 - August 11: Shapes! Circles, squares and rectangles, arcs, triangles.. From the curves of nature to the structure of a bridge. Shapes are everywhere and the most fundemental component of design.
  • Week of August 12 - August 18: Colors! I have a tendency to look for bold or ontrasty colors because that is what I like. This week I will focus on more subtle colors.
  • Week of August 19 - August 25: Combinations of the above.